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kevin gleason – business

Kevin Gleason - The Businessman

Kevin Gleason has experienced all aspects of his family’s growing business, Gleason Technology since graduating from Niagara University in 2010.

Gleason Technology is a leading player in three market sectors, providing grocery stores, the food service industry and municipal authorities with Electronic Slip/Fall Protection (ESP) and Critical Control Point Inspection (CCPi).

Acting as Quality Control and Compliance partners, Gleason Technology’s unique integrated systems digitise human behaviour, streamline employee inspection routines and simplify management oversight through increased monitoring capabilities.

Gleason ESP™ ultimately allows grocery stories to reduce the costs associated with slip/fall claims by as much as 50 per cent, while reducing the frequency of slip/fall claims by up to 30 per cent, while GleasonCCPi offers a comprehensive, real-time inspection management platform for users to benchmark employees’ performances, maintain a digital record of due diligence and initiate quick remediation of unacceptable premises conditions.

Immediately after graduation, Kevin commenced a customer service role that also saw him travel across the United States installing new stores and training staff on how to operate its ESP and CCPi systems but, after three years, the articulate and personable American is building relationships and generating new business in a sales position.

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